Quinn S. McFrederick

Quinn ready to do field work

Quinn S. McFrederick

Assistant Professor

2010 Ph.D., Summer 2010. University of Virginia, Biology (Douglas R. Taylor, advisor).

2004 M.A., San Francisco State University, Conservation Biology (Gretchen LeBuhn, advisor)

1992 B.A., University of California, Berkeley, Integrative Biology

Research Areas

Symbiosis, bee biology, microbiology.

Courses Taught

Biol 002 The cellular basis of life

ENTM 202 Insect Morphology

ENTM/MCBL 139 Conflict and cooperation

Contact Information
Graduate Program in Microbiology
Institute for Integrative Genome Biology
ENTM 268
(951) 827-5817

Dr. McFrederick studies symbionts (pathogens, commensals, and mutualists) of wild and solitary  bees, with the goal of  leveraging these symbionts to protect bee populations and communities.

Awards Received

2017 Hellman Fellowship

2016 Outstanding Faculty Award from the UCR Entomology Graduate Student Association.

2010 Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Sciences from the Vice-President for Research, University of Virginia.  The award recognizes “excellence in original scholarship by Ph.D. students at the University” 

2010 Graduate Teaching Assistant Award from the Department of Biology, University of Virginia